Young and Old


Young and Old

Workin the basics at CFCV. The adults worked Sprints, cleans and KTE during the wods.

Crossfit623 004

All did really well working on the "real" clean (aka squat clean) especially William and Tami. It will get easier as the mechanics improve.

Then the kids got their shot at sprints and squats. They have come a long way and today we really saw great improvement in their squat technique. Its still a work in progress but I was proud of their effort. Marcus did a great job-especially for his first day.

Hannah in the background and Reece in the foreground:

Crossfit623 006

It often helps having a legit CrossFitter counting reps and looking for the bad ones like Kara counting for Reece. Of course Reece is sporting a CrossFit Kids t-shirt.

Crossfit623 013

Today's box jumps, snatches and presses (kb) workout was really well attended at 9:00. In fact there were 15 which made it a little crowded. Alright alot crowded. Remember its nice to have advance warning of big classes. I knew we had 11 signed up already so I could program something we could accomplish. So please, let us know if you're coming. Thanks to Denny for keeping an eye on things and locking up while I had to go see a man about a mule.

Several folks are either finishing up their foundations or getting close. Welcome!