All classes but the 5:15 did the press progression workout form the main site. Because of what I see in some increased potential for strength gains, we will be doing more strength work in the future. This will no doubt include deadlifts, press progressions and squat progressions as well as some other interesting stuff.

The 5:15 crew because of its size did a pretty fun metcon workout. As part of the effort, 9 of the folks did pull ups simultaneously on the structure. The cool thing is nothing bad happened lift ripping away from the wall or collapsing.

A few pics:

Crossfit 069 

The future of CFCV?

Crossfit 072   

Crossfit 073 

This Saturday there will be classes at regular times with the exception of 5:15. We are going to a concert in Reno Sat. night and will be staying the night. I am willing to do a class or two on Sunday but would prefer to not hurry back from the big city first thing the morning so if there's any interest let me know.

3 Responses

  1. Caleb

    Thanks for testing out the pull up structure on the 5:15 group. Now I know it’s safe to use 🙂 I enjoyed learning the push jerk and am looking forward to new progressions.

  2. Jared

    Yes! I love the strength training and learning new things as well. One of the things that has kept me coming back for more punishment is the variety that you offer. Metcon, strength training, skills, etc. Thanks Ron!