Yesterday at CFCV


Yesterday at CFCV

Sorry to those that have been looking for the post from yesterday’s workout, but I haven’t had a chance to do it until now.

Three days or so ago the CrossFit main site had this workout which I have done several times in the past and enjoyed. It consists of 1 pull up in the first minute followed by an increase of 1 every minute until you can’t complete them all in the minute. Of course there is major scaling involved for those of us mere mortals.

First up it was Shalene and I and I had some serious interruptions, but Shalene completed 14 rounds. Then Peggy was in for her usual workout.

During their lunch break, April, Sarah and Renee were by for their shot at the same workout and put forth a good effort. Then Jared and Janeen gave their best. Jared is showing great improvement in his stamina.

Claudia, Caleb and Seth brought up the rear and Claudia owned the workout by completing 25 total rounds.

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  1. Claudia

    Thanks for the comments, I was proud to “own the workout!” See ya on Friday, I miss it already!!