Yay Burpees!


Yay Burpees!

I warned ya! The burpees and swings today were a big hit. Back in the day we used to do 20:1 but I was feeling benevolent so assigned only 15. What's cool is no one bitched (that I could hear) they just got after it. Nice work everyone!

2:30 rocks!


It was nice to have Mary Anne back and today was Matt's 2nd WOD, nice work. He didn't give up!

The paddleboard trip is shaping up nicely. I talked with a guy today that does this gigs for a living and he may show up to give us some pointers. I will be meeting him at Topaz in the morning following the 6am for some pointers to pass on to ya'll. I think it'll be an excellent adventure.

Next on-ramp starts next Tuesday so tell your friends.

It was cool to finally get to play at the barbell club tonight. Boy that's fun!!!