WOD 11/30/2007


WOD 11/30/2007

Another duty day, so we again visited Globogym. Its a good thing Fridays are quiet there because the following workout used some territory and management didn’t want us to use the spinning room space.

Again the Chief and EOM performed the workout that I borrowed from CossFit Jersey Shore this time consisting of: 

15 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 15 seconds work for 10 minutes of the following; Chief 30 lb one handed kettlebell swings alternating hands every work cycle, Lisa 12 kg kettlebell snatches again alternating hands every work cycle for a total of 10 minutes

2 minute rest

Another 10 minute bout of 15/15/15; Chief 20" box steps and 20lb slam balls alternating every work cycle, Lisa 16" box jumps and 8lb slam balls. All this work was performed after doing the CrossFit warmup. On this day, I was able to act as coach instead of participant which elicits mixed emotions.

Off duty for the next four days and have a Tae Kwon Do orange to yellow belt testing process first thing in the AM.