WOD 11/29/2007


WOD 11/29/2007

Yesterday was a visit to Globogym due to lack of clients and a cold garage. By myself, I performed the CF warmup, did some bench presses and burned some calories on the eliptical. A typical Globogym workout, after all it was technically a rest day.

Today was an on duty workout with the Chief and EOM, again at Globogym. I scaled CrossFit’s Kelly to:

400m run on treadmill, 21 box jumps, 21 dumbell thrusters, 400m run 15 ea box jumps & thrusters followed by another round of 9. I used 65lb barbell thrusters instead of dumbells. We all got a good workout and I had to respond to an incident just following the 3rd 400m run.

Tomorrow’s another duty day and I’ll report the results.