With a Little Help


With a Little Help

OK, with a bunch of help from Denny, Tracy, Jason, Whitey, Tim, and Penny the move is almost complete. We got the pull up bars in, the stall mats moved and the majority of other stuff moved in order to do the am class at the old building and the 4 and 5:15 class at the new one.

Not only did people work hard for the move, but Mr. Joshua was a tough wokout as well. I recorded all the stats but all those birthdays made me forget to take a picture or two of the board. The stats will be included in tomorrow's post.

So I guess when you consider the numbers, CFCV has been successful, 700 square feet 5 months ago to 2400 now. But bottom line is have we made a difference? I say yes, but proof will be in the ability to continue the benefits to CFCV's members in the form of personal improvements.

Thanks again for the help and the patronage!

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  1. Seth

    This week seemed to be a tough week. I feel almost as sore as when I first started. It is real exciting to be in the new building. It is so spacious! I really like the new pull up bar arrangement!
    Thanks Ron for the tough week and have a good weekend.