Wild Day Friday


Wild Day Friday

Friday started early and ended late. The WOD was a lot of keetlebell stuff along with our friend the evil wheel. Using the barbell is fun as the grips can be varied so much. I think Nicole learned just how fun it can be. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself by "sweetening the post" for instance instead of doing regular push ups, do ring push ups on some of the sets. ALso switch up the pullups, increase bell sizes etc, etc, etc.

Friday was day 10 of the burpee challenge, today is 11, Sunday 12…..Jason did the math, 5050 burpess all tolled by the end of the challenge. Should be worth a t-shirt and some serious bragging rights eh?

So the 4:00 was a little wild with 12 of ya'll. But it was fun and truly something to behold, great job!

At 6:30, Doug, Jenny, and Jackie came in for their introduction session. The did good and hopefully we'll see them around as regular members.

Today, Carrie and Matt did their 5000m row with pr's and Sky and I did ours at station 1.