Why Do You Train?


Why Do You Train?

Seems like a funny question but you need to ask yourself it frequently. We see folks with all types of goals and try to cater to them all, but I have learned I don't think we can. Over the past nearly 4 months I have drastically changed our programming and have done quite a bit of experimenting with you and I. As you know I have been following the Dutch Lowy programming and he and Dave Smith have been my coaches.

The results I have seen are:

 My diet has pretty much sucked over the summer so I have gained a little weight. Honestly I don't believe it has shit to do with workout programming or anything but nutrition. On the positive side I am stronger than anytime in my life.

Although I am pretty much middle of the pack in everything I do, I can mx lap after lap after lap and don't get gassed. I entered a paddleboard race for the first time with very little experience in 4 foot waves that was 5 miles long and again finished mid-pack. There were lots of experienced folks that didn't finish and many that didn't start either. After 1 day rest I am ready to get after it and have very little soreness.

I have witnessed many of our members here get stronger and stronger and for the most part have a better attitude about their training. I don't hear nearly as much complaining about being sore-that is from the folks that are consistent. And I see people doing movements with proper form and intensity that you will not see in any other gym in the area.

I have also witnessed people at CFCV drop a shit-ton of weight. Buffy, Cindy, Anna, Jen, Andrew, Wayne and several others but again it comes mainly from change in nutrition.

So, bottom line if you train at CFCV to lose weight, you'd better think about nutrition first and don't expect weight loss miracles, but we'll support your metabolism and cheer you on. If you want to increase in the 10 targets of fitness, we can help. If you are just addicted to working out and need to do multiple hours of training a day we'd be happy to have you as one of your sessions but remember that rest is where the real dividends lie. If you just want to call yourself a CrossFitter, this might not be your place as our programming has morphed somewhat from mainsite programming-a story for another day.

Rant finished–

Nicole-word about signing up!!!!

Great to have Jim's GF Dalay in the house on Thursday.

Notice that we've changed intros up a bit. I'm not going to commit much effort to family and friends free workout sessions on weekends unless there are requests. We will however return to introductory sessions that are arranged prior to the workout time ie: no just showing up!

Barbell club Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    Nice rant. I totally agree!!! Nutrition is the key. My diet has sucked as well. No one can change it but me. I did pretty good through the challenge and now its tough. Its pretty much 85% which is alot better than 30%. I diffently can feel a difference when I splurge.