What a Day!!


What a Day!!

After getting off shift it was to the feed/supply store to pick up the last two stall mats to complete the matting upgrade. Funny, I spent as much for those two as I did for the eight I went to Sac for.

After finishing the installation, I met the UBC gals at Northwest Martial Arts for some fun. After a modified CrossFit warm up, they experienced their first Tabata something else. Regulars at reading this blog are probably tired of hearing this, but these gals did a great job!! Going in to this UBC Extreme pilot, I wondered just what I would be able to safely throw at the participants. With these studettes, the more I throw, the more eager they become. This has been a terrific experience for me!!

Later back at the homestead (CFCV), Caleb and I had some fun with the CrossFit total (CFT). This is Caleb’s first and here is a shot from his back squat effort:


The numbers are:Dsc01137