We’re Off and Running


We’re Off and Running

Everyone except Jen has had their before photos taken and most have bucked up. The Yahoo group has been formed and as far as I know I have sent invitations to everyone that has entered the challenge. If you haven't signed up in the group you'll need to so you can post your food log next weekend. Remember this is a requirement to stay in the game. There are already some discussions going on there and I can only see 6 people that have joined.

The schedule for next month is coming soon. Thanks for hangin in there this past week, I know there were some that didn't appreciate missing classes but I had no choice. I had a requirement to make a certification class for my real job. CFCV fills another big space in my life but only supports itself.  Thanks to Nicole and Carrie for covering afternoon sessions!

In the formulation of the new schedule you will notice the Kids classes are not on it. We love having the kids classes but they are inconsistently attended and are not supporting themselves. We have to maintain an additional affiliation, pay extra insurance and there are some other associated costs. Unless someone has some ideas to make the program better attended on a consistent basis, we will not be renewing our affiliation.

We will open the Dutch Lowy program that is scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday up for registration. It will cost those that wish to attend the 2 day workshop $350.00. The money goes to the fire departments not CFCV as they are funding the program. If you want in, let me know. Classes next Monday and Tuesday (March 1st and 2nd) are going to be limited to the 6am and the on ramp session on Tuesday. We could probably do a 5:30 on both days if there's enough interest.

One other exciting thing is coming up. The area affiliates are sponsoring a Reno-Tahoe fittest athlete competition in April. For those of us that are not going to the CrossFit Games (to compete) this will be a good chance to compete with our CrossFit peers from other boxes. I don't have the info on my home computer so I will post the rest of the info on the next post.

Good job to those that move 20,00# and rowed 10,000m over the last 2 days. The rest don't know what they missed!

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    I just signed up for the yahoo group. But I need to figure out how to use it. Maybe its me but Im blaming it on my computer. HAHA. Super stoked for the Dutch classes. Cant wait!!! What time are they going to be?? Thank you for helping Buffy and me out, on lifting. We made a pretty good team!! Hard as heck but it was fun. Exspecially after all the deadlifts and burpees we did the day before.