We’ll Call it Day One


We’ll Call it Day One

Back at it with a vengeance. We worked the same wod today with the regulars at CFCV that we did at station 1 yesterday, AMRAP 20 row 200m, 15 box jump, 15 kettlebell swings, 5 strict pull ups. Weird that Denny did his 8 rounds yesterday and Ryan matched them today. There were many other stand outs not to mention Kathy who once again got after it.

There was a special session of CrossFit Kids tonight to welcome Trey and Vance along with regulars Isabella and Mikey. It's cool to see Mikey apply himself to the CF Kids workouts and be a role model.

Congrats to Roby and Amanda on the birth of the man child Grant.

We are busy loading the Zen Planner database and will be rolling out the program in the next week or so.

Exciting stuff!