Weighing In Again


Weighing In Again

This time the subject is the Fittest of the Sierra competition coming June 16th to South Tahoe CrossFit.

I should start with some background; Three years ago they held the first competition and CFCV was well represented. We took several podium spots that first year and it was fun as hell. There was of course controversy but I'd like to think everyone shook it off and got over it.

Last year Jim, Andrew and I were the only representatives of CFCV. Mark had just opened RAD and Dalay was up from SoCa, l so they were reps if there was a team comp (sorry if I took any liberties here). They had a scaled division for both men and women which made it work for those of us that don't have any business competing against Myles, Mark, Jim and the like.

What I really enjoyed that first year was the family atmosphere and the fun competition aspect. We had a bunch of our members come just to support and hang out. It was very cool.

Last year, only our competitors and their families, Adrienne and Tami as judges and Rachael showed (if I left someone out, please correct me as my memory sucks in old age). Although it was fun, the competition has become much more serious and the family atmosphere is not as prevalent.

This year it was announced that there were only going to be prescribed and masters categories. While we certainly have athletes that can and will be competitive in prescribed events, this in my opinion changes the dynamic of the event as a whole. This is certainly not South Tahoe CrossFit's fault as the Sport of Fitness has arrived and events like FOTS and other "throwdowns" have become very popular and now attract the real "wodkillers" of the community. I am sure the decision also had a lot to do with the size of the event and logistics.

So the bottom line for me is I don't want to be exclusionary of the majority of our folks who just wouldn't have that much fun trying to compete with the athletes the event will attract. Nothing against the wodkillers or our folks, just kinda the way I see it. I continue to support South Tahoe CrossFit and the event in principle I just am not going to try and pressure anyone into participating in competitions anymore. If you want to compete great, if you don't, great.

We do however have a couple of great athletes that will be competing; Jim and Nicole. I have the utmost confidence that they will do well and know they have been working hard in preparation for the event. I hope that we will have a strong contingent to cheer them on.

I do love competition and will be competing in the paddleboard events this year, one of which is on the same day as FOTS. I pretty much suck at this as well but am working on improving.

I would like to organize a for fun competition for teams from local affiliates in the fall. It seems to me that most folks like to compete as a team and we could have different events and levels. I have talked to Mark about the idea and would like input from ya'll on the idea.

That's enough for now, my next weigh in will be on muscle ups, stay tuned.

4 Responses

  1. carrie

    I wish I could support our competitors but I will be roping steers that Sat and Sunday. Rock on CFCV!!!!! You got it!

  2. RAD is down for a fun/team competition. I’d love to see more group efforts….coed or whatever. I’m thinkin’ wheelbarrow races….2-man log carries…fireman’s carry…etc.
    We need more “non-firebreather” friendly competitions for the masses.
    I will NOT be roping steers on that Sat and Sunday!

  3. Nicolette

    We have a softball tourney that weekend but if we can get up there at all on sat between games we will be there!! Go Jim and Nicole I know you two will kill it!!! And Chris and I are defiantly in for a competition!!! 🙂