The weekend actually started for us on Friday.
We did our beloved overhead squats, at least those that showed…..


Then we went in to the Saturday and Sunday family and friends free workouts that were poorly attended. We won't be doing these for the rest of the summer.

The cool thing is there is a seriously fun and challenging new form of active rest: standup paddleboarding. I had  some great opportunities both on Saturday and Sunday to explore this bitchin thing. I went to Lake Tahoe Standup Paddleboarding on Saturday and got to try some cool boards. Then I went with John Olmohundro and Mike Day to Red Lake early this morning foe a few hours on the next level of boards and got a great introduction to what the sport is really about, at least the non-competitive side:

Then Penny and I went back and picked up the first of our 2 boards, the LPC Sunset Cruiser. Thought I would follow up with another hour on Topaz:


DSC01133 (2)

When all is said and done, we will have the ability to introduce folks to a pretty cool alternative to the same old stuff, all be it one at a time, who's up?

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    I want one!!! They look totally fun. You see people in Tahoe using them. Lots of balance looks like.