Weekend Fun


Weekend Fun

Saturday's fun was had with the AOS 300 #2. Total reps are 300 of lots of KB moves and some favorite bodyweight stuff including burpees. Saturday marked day number 72 of the burpee challenge. I think there's only 5 of us left unless Caleb has thrown in the towel in the last week. Here's Lola doing a TGU:
Crossfit 010

A couple of improvements could be made to her form, write them to comments if you like.

Sunday's followup was an AMRAP 20. Here's how we fared:

Crossfit 014


Crossfit 013
Crossfit 012

Also wanted to mention that Robb Wolf has had some good stuff on his blog lately about Paleo and training, have a look if you get a chance.

Tonight (Monday) is the swan's song for the Rapids and their conditioning at CFCV. It's not that they're not welcome or interested, with the decent weather and added sunlight, their coaches are taking them back on the field. It's been fun and I think they at least earned a respect for CrossFit and how it can help to prepare them for their season.                                                     

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  1. Buffy

    In regards to TGU, I am still new but think that the elbow should be locked or stiff arm and should be looking directly up the arm or at kb?