Week 2 of the Spring Challenge


Week 2 of the Spring Challenge

Congrats to all those that are in the challenge and have made it to week 2. I would like to clean some things up for the upcoming week.

  • Starting in week 2, please submit your food logs on Sunday for the entire week. Each day should be separated and breakfast lunch and dinner listed along with any snacks.
  • Please include your name in the subject line for the posting. Some of you have clever emails but we have over 30 participants and it becomes cumbersome remembering who you are.
  • If you ate the meal out, please indicate that and where. It would be interesting to know where we can get decent meals around the valley.
  • If you are trying to lean out, watch the fruit and nut intake. This is probably the biggest issue from week 1.
  • If you have questions or comments please ask them in the yahoo group. All are invited to make comments etc. on each other’s food logs. If you have a question someone else probably has the same question.

Remember the point of this challenge is to learn a new way of eating and test how certain foods affect us. Adding those foods back in after the 30 days will actually be when we learn the most. Your coaches are available if you have any questions along the way and we will make comments on your food logs and answer questions in the yahoo group as much as possible.

I posted a spread sheet on the board that indicates all the food logs received to date. It is your responsibility to make sure they are posted weekly. We will not wait until the last week assess whether you have posted them.