Wednesday May 12th


Wednesday May 12th

Good to have an excellent metal fabricator as a neighbor. Rhyno has finished his part of the new pull up structure as well as a couple pair of portable squat stands. Now it's time for my part. Over the next couple of days, including the weekend, I will be taking down the old structure and putting up the new one. Then stuff gets moved around a bit and presto!, new CFCV. Same training, same members same focus. Just a better place to WOD.

Considering the weekend and Monday and Tuesday being FD days for me and that I will be a the gym working on stuff, I am willing to have a Saturday WOD at 9:00 and a Sunday WOD at 9:00. These might be good ones to bring curious friends to. We also will have a make up On-Ramp class at 10:00 on Saturday. This is due to Penny and I going to an Aces Game tomorrow afternoon.

June 9th Whole9 workshop is filling up but we need more for the 10th mid-day class. I have been putting up flyers in the markets but they disappear quickly. Please pass this opportunity on to your friends/family, it will be worth the time and money for anyone concerned with their nutrition. As I have mentioned before, nutrition is the foundation of health/fitness/weight loss. Opportunities like this come very few and far between and probably won't happen here again.

The Dutch Lowy program is going well. Three days in and we have done max snatch, max clean & jerk, max power clean, max weighted pull ups, max weighted dips 75 burpees for time, run a mile and other fun stuff. This is a program I've needed for a long time I'm sure it will benefit all in the long run.

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