Wednesday March 31st


Wednesday March 31st

Easter weekend is approaching fast. Just want to remind everyone that the Friday PM classes are not happening and so far don't have plans for Saturday or Sunday classes either. We originally planned to do a friends and family free workout on Sunday and a regular 9 on Saturday but there doesn't seem to be much interest. Don't know what's up but classes have been thin the last couple of weeks as well. There are some that are well attended and some not so much. After a couple of years, you'd think I'd figure out the pattern but I am at a loss of an explanation.

Hoping to get a few more folks paid up for the Whole9 workshop before Friday. I have to pay the deposit on Friday and cash is short. So if you're planning on coming it would help if you could pay up.

The next on ramp program starts next Wednesday. Have a couple of folks claiming to be interested but no official sign ups. Cristina finished her on ramp program Monday and Darlene should finish next week. Please welcome them when you see them.

Wanted to post the results from the whittled down Kelly of yesterday (the workout not the person). I had to do it at the station today and made it through in 20:27. Here's the rest:

Crossfit330 002

If I don't see you before the weekend, have a good Easter!

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  1. Darlene

    Stupid Strep Throat! (grumbles) Im going back on the 7th right? Ill pay you for the whole 9…as soon as the IRS pays me. Those people lied about when I was getting my return.