Wednesday March 10th


Wednesday March 10th

Another fun one at CFCV today. Seeing lots of improvement in movement and strength over the past several weeks along with the integration of new folks into the classes. Stoked and humbled!

Don't know if you've had the opportunity to listen to Robb Wolf's latest podcast (#18) but as usual great content. In this session he answers a question that I sent in via e-mail. With the challenge, one of the biggest complaints I have heard is that some folks are not hungry and afraid of being underfed. In a nutshell Robb answers with the most logical response, how are they performing. He also goes on to say that other affiliates have taken challenges to the next level and included benchmark schedules within the plan.

Bottom line is this time around we weren't that sophisticated but we'll get better. How are you performing? I haven't seen any drop off in your performance but I reckon it goes beyond just the gym. Also remember that there is about a 3-4 week time frame before you start feeling better and performing better due to the utilization of new energy sources.

Along the same lines, the overwhelming deficiency I'm seeing in the food logs is fat intake. Once we're out of the carbohydrate business we convert to using fat and protein as fuel. Gotta have em. Also remember that we're not just trying to eat gluten, dairy and legume free but we also need to reduce insulin spikes. I've been seeing lots of Paleo pancakes, muffins and candybars. Think about stuff globally and look past the moniker Paleo because lots of people are mistaken when they name some of these things.

I am painfully aware that there are other members of CFCV that are not in the challenge and frankly not interested in hearing about this stuff. I apologize if it bothers you. My goal with this gym is not just working out but making our lives better. In that vein, we all have been duped by the medical establishment, government and conventional wisdom into believing lots of stupid shit. I am excited about the stuff I have learned and taking my goal into account, want to share it to make a difference. If you don't want to hear it tell me and I'll do my best to honor your wishes, but I make no promises.

It was good to have James back in last night and Darlene tonight to pursue their quest to finish the on-ramp program. This session is lean but we'll get through it!

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  1. kelly

    Hey not working out any personal best but sure in the hell feels good to be back even with baby steps. Ron keeps me in line oh yeah so does michelle. Love ya guys. Kel

  2. Darlene

    Five pounds off for me as of 0600 this morning. =) Im glad to be back! Still working on the eating, I almost beat someone up for a cupcake the other day.