Wednesday July 7th


Wednesday July 7th

Power cleans, front squats, and jerks today. It's amazing how we go from a few one day to a bunch the next, I guess it's a summer thing.

If you look closely at pictures from our box or others for that matter, you can usually see some faults. During the past 9 weeks I have looked enough video of my self during the Dutch training gig to see a plethora of faults.

Although I entered the the schedule to the right there are some classes missing. I will fix them soon and Penny and I are trying to get the hard copy schedule out so we can distribute them tomorrow.

Today, Mary Ann and Sandy came in for their first real class following the on-ramp program. Mary Ann didn't attend the final on-ramp class but she came back for more.

Nolan finally got something other than back squats and did a fine job. It was also good to see Denny again as well as Marcus.