Wednesday Feb. 10th


Wednesday Feb. 10th

The on ramp sessions are going well. It's a little taxing doing 2 a day in addition to the regular schedule but worth it, I believe. Michelle V's mom is doing especially well, but then again all are. I was expecting a couple of additional folks Wayne (the guy present for the picture session) was certainly one.

Monday we had the Rapids (Ethan's) club soccer team in the gym for conditioning. They got to do the same workout we did Sunday for the Friends/Family free workout. I haven't heard good or bad from their experience but I did get to witness them work their butts off.

Crossfit 030
Crossfit 031
Crossfit 032
Crossfit 037

Tuesday, was snatch day. It was a good day and a bunch of full snatch PR's were set, most notably Carrie's 92lbs and Rachael's 79lb. Good job ladies!

Early am today had the girls doing "Karen", 150 wall balls for time.

Crossfit 040
Crossfit 041
We are on track to do the spring leaning nutrition discussion on Saturday at 10:30 or so. If there are any folks who can't attend Saturday, we'll have to make up the pictures and talk later in the week. It will all have to be done before the following Saturday which is the slated beginning of the challenge.

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  1. Rachael

    I don’t think I can express how excited I am for this challenge to begin. I get this super excited/nervous chill throughout my bones just thinking about it! I am totally ready to learn about better nutrition and live it!
    Also I found some recipeS online that I was going to print off and share at the meeting on Saturday-VERY Yummy. Remind me to talk to you about a friend that has a business baking homemade Gluten free bread and other ‘something’ free breads. I wondered if it counted under the Paleo guidelines.
    Okay I’m done. thanks!