Wednesday December 2nd


Wednesday December 2nd

Today was the culmination of 3 weeks or so of barbell snatch progressions. Everyone performed the full movement, working up to their one rep max. It was truly amazing to see some folks who just a few weeks ago couldn't overhead squat nearly the weight they used today be successful. This is one of the payoffs for me, to witness this improvement and dedication.


For those of you visiting this blog, realize that these are athletes that have absolutely no experience at snatching prior to their exposure at CFCV. The weights may not be impressive to you but I am very proud.

For those of you that are Facebook account holders, Carrie created a CrossFit Carson Valley group. Between the two of us we'll try our best to keep adding content as we learn how to do it. I added an event today that I got from Dutch's blog that we will participate in. Curious? check it out.

Remember that the On-Ramp program begins next Tuesday. The next one will begin in January. We will have a couple of more friends and family free workout prior to then if you have people that may be interested. There is a schedule for the on-ramp that is available at the gym. The question came up today if we still will have a free introductory workout in addition to the friends and family free workout. The answer is of course, but it is something that has to be scheduled ahead of time and I'm pretty flexible. just let me know.

The Kids class was sparsely attended tonight. These sessions are also on the schedule that can be found on the right side of the blog.

Congrats to Cary who has landed a cool job in Houston. He will be the Recreational Program Director for a college there (I hope I didn't butcher that description). He'll be with us for the next few weeks and I plan to give him some opportunities to coach at CFCV during that time. He was a big help today during the 9am snatch class. He will cover tomorrow at 9 as well while I go to the doctor to see if my nuts finally dropped. OK, I know they didn't but maybe they can do something to make my hearing improve.

There's lots of shit going down in the CrossFit system right now and many of you are not aware. The bottom line is you need not worry about it if you are. Penny and I have committed to another year by just renewing CFCV's affiliate and signing another year's lease last month. Although we're not killing it, we are paying the bills and optimistic about the future, based on on-ramp sign ups and continued interest by potential members. Keep spreading the word and we will do our part to keep learning to be better. I believe we've come a long way and we're a long way from where I want to be. We will strive to be the caliber of Invictus, Norcal, OPT, Dutch and quite a few others I have in my sights. DOn't know if we'll ever arrive but we'll give it every effort.

Next stop, clean and jerk!