Wednesday April 7th


Wednesday April 7th

Class number 1 of the On-Ramp program for April. Jen Brian and Jessica shared the fun with Darlene who finally finished up the program from last go around. Darlene was a dnf on workout 1 and finished tonight's which is repeat in a respectable time. Congrats to all 4.

Ran across one of the Games qualifiers and thought it would be fitting to give it a go today. Jamie B's girlfriend Nicole just moved to town from Santa Cruz and shared the fun with  us. This one was a bitch but I can see it becoming on of our fav's. Here's how we fared:

Some of the pm gals in action:


Seems we made it back to the Fittest of the Sierra website. I guess it was a mistake while making some changes. Please, everyone who is going to compete or volunteer, go to their site and register. As the workouts are scaled, I'm sure everyone will have good time competing and represent well. Here is the registration link.

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    WOW!! That looks like it hurt! Sorry I missed it. LOL. Im am really interested in the barbell club. Count me in!!! You diffently need to lift, Im almost lifting more than you. HAHA!!! But you diffently need to be involved. Its ur passion. Sorry missing so many days. Almost done!!! Ya.