Wednesday 9/23/2009


Wednesday 9/23/2009

Everyone did well today! Working on the oly lifts is technical and hard. The bottom line is if it was easy everyone would be doing them just like they run on treadmills while watching TV or reading their fav book. As a friend of CFCV says: It is earned, not given.

While the rest of us worked on cleans or some variation, Mark and Cary worked on their snatches. It was cool watching them get pr's on the lift. It is also cool seeing people that have never touched a barbell in their life move up in weight and perform to the best of their ability.

Sounds like all the kids will be busy tomorrow night so there won't be a kids class unless someone knows something I don't.

Once again, thanks again to the gals (Nicole and Claudia) CFCV will have classes 6 days this week.

Wish Cary good luck on his interview in Florida next week. I'm sure he'll do well.