Wednesday 3/25


Wednesday 3/25

Today's Wod was Cindy. although a few did her over the past couple of days. Here's the stats from today:
Kelly 13
Jenny 14
Nicole 14
Rachael 11
Kathy R 11
Jason 14
Claudia 14
Whitey 12
Jackie 9
Dennis 20 2/3
Mark 21
Tim 11

There were also a few milestones with Stacey finishing her foundations series and Jim and Rich doing their first official Wod. They too did Cindy but the rounds escape me as I am at home writing this blog. Bottom line is in most cases there was scaling except Nicole, Claudia, Mark, Denny, Claudia, Rachael, Nicole, Whitey and Tim.

Denny handled the 4:00 and 5:15 classes which I appreciate as I had to get my taxes done. It didn't go so well but we'll make it through it, maybe.

The kids class went well with Hannah, Reece, Bryce, Zach, Vince and Luke in the house.

2 Responses

  1. Sorry, I forgot to mention Jared’s effort. He worked his butt off with not an improvement in rounds but his pullups went from jumping last time to kipping this time. Good effort Jared!

  2. Nicole

    Never meet the other Nicole and Claudia. When did they start?? Thanks for the kick in the butt!! Ur awesome!!