Wednesday 11/25/2009


Wednesday 11/25/2009

Seems things are quieting down a little bit around the CrossFit community. There is a page that ya'll cannot view on the .com message boards that has some interesting dialog between supporters trying to make their bid to be in the inner circle of HQ ites. Probably a legit thing? One of the big sentiments is this really doesn't affect affiliates and their members, just shut up and train. Although I respect some that are saying that, I don't buy it. When I recommend an individual and his work for not only his nutrition expertise but coaching expertise and the folks he runs with for their business and SME (subject matter expertise) and they are ex-communicated, it reflects on my judgement. Shut up and train? Train we will and won't  necessarily shut up but will definitely be watching, closely. I'm just sayin…..

Enough of the dramatic update…. Again thanks Nicole for being there and thanks to all that have made comments on the blog. And yes Caleb, I think you got it and are spot on. I would also like to hear what Kim and Ben honestly think about CFCV. They can share via this blog or send me an e-mail if they don't want it public.

The holiday schedule is:

Thursday 9am

Friday full schedule. However, after 9 tomorrow if there are classes that don't have more than a few people and I don't hear from you prior to that, they will be canceled.

Saturday 9am

Sunday 10am public/friends/family free workout

For those of you whom we don't see tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!

As we move into the holiday season, consider this link

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  1. kelly

    Happy thanksgiving day. I’m at work and not much action. I looked at the link and it makes since moderation in all things. well thank you for a great year at x-fit and looking foward to next year. see you saturday.