Wednesday 10/21/2009


Wednesday 10/21/2009

Golf was good, Marsh, Tim, Chad, Jody and Adrienne rocked it, Buffy was the star (for making it happen) and the rest of us played, and played and played. Chad did well but the vatorade and text messages got the best of him. Point is, how many have played Genoa Lakes for next to nothing with some great company, It was fun and Buffy, you're the greatest! And Stacey, Kelly tells me you're the best caddy in the west.

Tomorrow we're back at it, see you then!

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  1. Stacey

    That was loads of fun!!! Thanks Buffy! It was a gorgeous day, started off with a great workout, and then got to run (and drive) around with a bunch of fun peeps all day– gotta love it 🙂 And those little carts are so much fun to drive 😉