Wednesday 10/14/2009


Wednesday 10/14/2009

Getting closer to the Level I cert in Reno this weekend that 3 of our gals will be participating in. I know they’ll learns lots and represent well. And have some fun……

As I alluded to earlier in the week, I have a hearing on my hearing claim tomorrow morning. As a result the 9am and 12:00 classes are cancelled. I should be back by 2:30 with ease.

The latest thanks for equipment donations go to Chad for making the wooden weight plates and Kara and Dave for the 2 CFLA plyo boxes. I acn see a few more of the boxes being ordered in the near future.

Shirts should be done by Friday and I need to turn this batch fairly quickly due to the financial climate. I hope to be in a position to order different colors and types in the future, trouble is, price breaks require purchase of the high quality shirts in minimums of a dozen of each size/style. The shirts I ordered this week will be substantially more expensive ($15.00), but they are nice shirts. Now that I have the art work available we can shop around for best prices but I don’t anticipate anyone being able to beat the current prices, we’ll see.

I have been thinking about the programming of late and although I think people are making great increases in their strength and having fun (at least I think so, correct me if I’m wrong), one of my mentors has persuaded me to change the programming to this:

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  1. Stacey

    Okay, that really freaked me out for a second. But I must say I have even more respect for them and their awesome sense of humor. Good one, Ron :-p

  2. Stacey

    And good luck with your hearing hearing. Guess I’ll have to swing a KB at home or somethin’. Or maybe I get in a good hoop workout.. See ya Fri.

  3. Nicole Gesselman

    HAHA! I really thought at first it was really real but they are very good actors.She is a rough chick holly gezz she is strong and nice form! Good one. Good Luck 2marrow CHIEF!

  4. Caleb

    I don’t think I have the core strenght for something as intense as “hooping”. I’d better stick with CrossFit, you know, the easy stuff.

  5. Lola

    Hmmmm!! Get those hula hoops out! I am getting a visual of Ron teaching the crossfitters hula hoop form. lol! He is being very serious now!!! Thanks for the encouraging words….I will speak for myself I need them!!!!