Wed. August 6th


Wed. August 6th

Wednesday's workout was the last one for this week due to other obligations like a job and lack of coverage due to Shalene's injury. I have committed to having a trainer available during open hours and I intend to honor that commitment. Although Penny, Shalene or others could come on most occasions to open the door, I want technique, form and safety to rule at CFCV. It won't hurt us to slack off for a couple of weeks while we heal (Shalene) and figure out our new schedule (Claudia).

One thing is for sure, we are seeing new and potential members on a regular basis. Wednesday, Karin, Dale, Scott and Sienna were back for their 2nd visits and Mark was in the house for his first. It is good to see people taking interest in our form of fitness and challenging themselves. As Seth mentioned this morning, Ryan got his first muscle up and Dennis is dangerously close to that first strict muscle up.

Efforts by Janeen, Jared, Caleb, Nicole, Seth, Barb, April, Sarah, Penny, Karin, Lisa, Zach, Claudia, Ryan, Denny, Kendall, Amy, Fransee and Rachael at their back squats was impressive. For some, this was their first time at squats with a barbell. Some were intimidated but I think all felt a great level of accomplishment when done. For Dale it was the CrossFit warm up and an introduction to the kettlebell swing, lots of them. For Scott and Sienna following the CF warmup, they experienced Tabata box jumps for their workout. Mark on his first visit did the CF warmup followed by a 16:18 Helen as rx'd. And Claudia linked 3 kipping pullups today.

After taking the weekend off, we will return on Monday with more new folks  trying us out.

Saturday we are planning a workout in the park with a bar-b-q and hooverball tournament. This will be a informal affair and all are welcome.

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  1. Claudia

    I think that “3 linked kipping pull ups” was a bit of an exaggeration, more like 1 1/2 to 2 but thanks for the kudos anyway! I will keep working on those!!