We Know Jack


We Know Jack

CFCV performed the hero workout Jack from the mainsite yesterday. Much to some folk's chagrin I insisted on push presses instead of:

DSC01221 (2)
So with that realized here's our numbers:

DSC01220 (2)
Realize that when a person scored number of rounds plus __box jumps for instance, that means that they completed that many rounds including 10 pp, 10 swings and the number of box jumps.

It's hard to imagine that some of the numbers from other sources could be doable unless true push presses were not the movements. Kinda like some folk's FGB numbers.

The health fair was potentially a good thing. There were lots of people asking questions lots not so much. It's hard to believe that the sponsor and vendors were serving brownies, cookies donuts and bagels at a health fair, or maybe it's just me.

Mary came to her first workout at 6am this morning. She did well and picked a great day for an intro. Wonder how she'll like tomorrow.

Dustin, Teri, Annette and Linda finished September's on-ramp tonight. It truly is amazing the improvements they made from night one:

DSC01219 (2)
Congrats and we'll see you in regular classes, some as soon as tomorrow.