Was Cool


Was Cool

To watch Seth kill it today. We all did our best on the thrusters and burpees but the standouts were Seth and Denny with their unbroken sets of thrusters. Its proabably time for them to move up in weight but I remember when…..

Buffy was indoctrinated to both of our friends (burpees and thrusters) and Adrienne was back for her first day in quite awhile. She was one of the original 4 of the UBC Extreme of almost a year ago. Its cool to see her back.

Looking forward to a fun workout on Thursday and of course the visit by the press on Monday. Have received lots of positive comments on the blog about it, hope it goes well.

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  1. Seth

    I think I am going to start wearing a mouth gaurd to protect my teeth. The floor really comes up too fast when you do burpees right after thrusters!