If you haven't been to the gym in the past 2 days or heard otherwise CFCV won the Dutch Lowy challenge for July. Thanks to all the participants that worked hard through the month to learn or polish up on their movements. I have been messing with pics and videos I took but still have not got them in a postable format. I'm shooting for tomorrow and I will share it all with you.

The widget to the right is "our trophy".

We had a visitor today from Indiana Cary. He is a seasoned CrossFitter visiting family and may be around for the next couple of days.

We started the August Challenge prep today by identifying which variant of the l-sit each person is going to work on for the month. If you weren't here today and plan on participating you should make it in either Thursday or Friday.

Lots of folks are participating in the logo design (t-shirt) contest. We should come up with something cool out of the effort.

Anyone still want to go to the lake on the 16th and barbecue and play hoover ball? Looks like it won't be happening with the lake affiliates but I am game for a pot luck type affair and playing in the sand and water. Let me know.

2 Responses

  1. claudia

    Too bad I missed this one, I cannot take any credit for the winning. BTW, why does Cindy hurt me so bad every time I challenge her? Hurts so good!

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    Yah it killed me too! Providence wasnt to nice either. Im lovin the challenges. Great Idea Ron!! Its good to see everyone push themselves to beat there time.