Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day

Happy V day to all…..

We had a visitor from Mt. Baker CrossFit in Washington on Saturday. She represented her affiliate well during our aaw, "300". There were some lessons learned during that one as well one was don't let Penny count your floor wipers for you. 300 ended up being 350 for Sue and Nicolette. Everyone worked their butts off for sure.

After the work out we talked nutrition for an hour or so and then took the before photos of everyone present for the Spring Leaning challenge. I will list the rules below. As usual, when we got done I thought of several things I should have talked about. So I will randomly bring them up on the blog. One of the most important is that I did a shitty job of tying inflammation of the gut and it's importance. You no doubt have seen the claim that inflammation of the gums can increase risk of cardiovascular disease. One thing that Robb Wolf brought up at his PSS was if this is true, can you imagine the surface area of the GI tract which is many feet long? This illustrates one of the tenets of Paleo, no gluten, dairy or legumes will dramatically reduce inflammation of the gut, so they say.

Spring Leaning Rules:

  • The challenge is 7 weeks long, beginning at midnight Friday 2/20 ending 4/10
  • Before pictures must be taken by start time
  • $30.00 buy in, all goes into the post for the winner(s)
  • Trainers (me, Nicole and Carrie) will pick the top 5 by comparing before and after pictures.
  • After pictures must be taken 4/8 or 4/9
  • Contestants will pick the winners at the after challenge get together on 4/10
  • Food logs must be completed and submitted every week by Friday midnight. Details on how to submit them will be figured out before Friday.
  • There will be another blog created that is password protected for participants only. This blog will have contain links to recipe sites and other resources. It is intended to post food logs and discussion on how folks are doing.
  • Pictures will be kept on a thumb drive, separate gym computers.

The details of this challenge are "borrowed" from Seattle CrossFit. We appreciate their willingness to make the details available and encourage their use. They have done a few of these I am looking forward to the experience.