Unique Opportunity


Unique Opportunity

I have been working on a rowing seminar to be presented at our gym on Feb 11th. It is a 1 day program taught by the crew that does the training for Concept 2 and CrossFit. The cost is $225.00 and we need at least 10. At first I was very optimistic about filling the class and then some, but now I'm not so sure.

I plan on opening the workshop up to outsiders but will hold off until I get some commitments. If I don't get any commitments soon, I will scrap the whole idea.

Here is the info from their website:

Elements covered in the Indoor Rowing Foundations workshop include:

  • The fundamentals of rowing workouts for group classes and individual rowing sessions – with opportunities to try them yourself!
  • Proper technique for optimal rowing performance – and how to spot and correct common errors
  • Using the rowing machine to reach peak performance faster
  • How on-water rowers and coaches can adapt their experience to the diverse indoor rowing population
  • Maintenance of the Concept2 indoor rowing machine and how to make it last a lifetime

The half-day Programming Intensive covers:

  • Program design and implementation: How tos and considerations
  • Creating killer  workouts and WODs using the Concept2 rower alone and in combination with the SkiErg and other equipment such as kettlebells
  • Teaching tips for diverse populations of exercisers.  Assisting the discovery of the athlete within
  • Sustainability and marketing: Keeping the workouts fresh and your classes full
  • Additional hands-on workouts that you can also take straight back to your facility!

Who should take these courses:

  • Group exercise instructors
  • Personal trainers
  • Functional fitness coaches and enthusiasts (Kettlebell, CrossFit, boot camp, etc.)
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Home users
  • On-water rowing coaches with indoor rowing programs
  • k-12 teachers
  • Fitness directors
  • Medical fitness trainers
  • Adaptive sports trainers

Course Fees: Indoor Rowing Foundations: $225


As usual we are not making any money off of hosting this event, we do it as a service to you.