Under the Weather


Under the Weather

The long holiday weekend started with a few of the CFCV CrossFitters doing an AM workout before their holiday festivities. Denny, Janeen, Jared, Lisa, Claudia and I worked at fight gone bad. As usual Denny rocked it, Claudia made improvements and the rest of us survived it. Little did I know my below average performance was to be followed up with a bout with diverticulitis.

Shalene and Zach were also there and did their workout. Both the CFWU and the two have their adaptive moves they perform in addition to Shalene’s bench pressing and Zach learning the push press. I am looking forward to Shalene’s recovery and Zach to be coming up to speed in the near future. I am also looking forward to the return of CXaleb and Seth from their “vacations”.

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  1. Seth Blackford

    I am glad that I’m missed. I made it back Monday at 5:15 and should be back on schedule. I was able to get some needed rest for my body. No need for concern, I am fine. See you soon.