It's rare that I do two blog entries in one day but I just had a humbling experience. In the process of reviewing every damn picture I have ever taken during this adventure (for the fair tomorrow) I realized just how far we've come. My hat is off to you the members past, present and future; you rock. I am in awe of you, maybe you'll have the opportunity to see the progression from garage to present.

Where do we go from here?

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  1. Mark

    Hey Ron,
    Just a follow up on your previous post about diverting from “Forging Elite Fitness” as a motto because of your lack of obtaining “elite” status. How many 56 year old dudes can do 20 consecutive pull-ups, overhead squats, power snatches, 400 lb deadlifts, etc. I’m amazed all the time at what some of the people at our gym do. How many people started off without being able to do a single push-up…… or a pull-up……..or a box-jump………and are now rockin’ them all. I see girls closing in on muscle-ups and pull ups, and almost everyone in the whole damn gym can do overhead squats now.
    We need to take a field trip over to world gym and see how many (so-called “fit”) people there can do pull ups, or OH squats, or even get through our “warm-up” without gassing. I believe that our gym IS turning us into “Elite” athletes………but it’s just like in everything else, there is always the “best of the best”. Watching the x-fit games is VERY humbling. We may not have a showing at the x-fit games (yet)…..but in my mind….we are “Elite.”
    Happy B-day man!