Typepad Sux


Typepad Sux

Once again I had a lengthy post entered and hit spell check and Typepad went nuts. So, this will be the shortened version:

Today's 6am class went well with 5 folks doing the Tabata Something Else workout. Here are the numbers:

Crossfit 074 

The numbers above are Carrie's

Crossfit 075   

Crossfit 076 

Crossfit 077   

Crossfit 078 

The station 14 crew along with Chief Tognoli, Toril, Nate the cop and one other county employee also performed the same workout. There were some excellent efforts by both groups.

During my nightly perousal of the CrossFit Norcal site I noticed that Robb Wolf has posted an article on nutrition and performance on his blog. I believe that diet is the missing link from many of our efforts. Here is a link to Robb's blog: http://www.norcalsc.com/index.php/post/norcal_nutrition_are_we_crazy/