Two Days


Two Days

This entry reflects two days of big effort by the members of CFCV. Yesterday, Shalene started it all off with her first ever 5000m row in 28:52. She and others have been rowing 500m regularly as part of the warm up but this was her first long distance row. Shalene followed up with some deadlift practice and lifted her personal best of 145 lbs.

Then Peggy was along for her turn. She did her typical workout of 1000m row, ring rows, push ups on a oly bar on the cage, box steps and box thrusters. I also introduced her to the kettlebell swing.

Next was Claudia’s turn to row the 5000. She was crunched for time so completed 4220m in 25:17 and then it was back to work. Following Claudia’s row, Denny and I took a shot at the CFT. I improved a whopping 12 lbs to 832# and Denny actually lost a few from 765# to 760#.

Then Janeen was here for her first ever CrossFit total. She scored a 247 which isn’t bad for her first attempt at the shoulder press and minimal exposure to the deadlift and back squat. Jared, Janeens’s husband was feeling a little spent from the day before so he didn’t make it.

The trio of Caleb, Seth and April were next. While April did the CF warmup followed by some deadlift instruction the boys were having their go at the CrossFit total. Caleb posted a 60lb increase from 595# to 655#. Seth put his first CFT number on the board at 575#.

Then came today’s "Tabata Stuff". Carrie, Claudia, Mike (Claudia’s husband), Janeen, Jared and I took a shot at 6 rounds of exercises Tabata style:Dsc01203

Two minutes rest were allowed between the change in exercises.

Just as we were finishing, Caleb and Seth came walking up. They also partook in the fun after the first crew left. Some pics of their effort:




All in all, everyone put in a big effort over the past few days, just like always, Thanks!!