Turnin’ it up a Notch


Turnin’ it up a Notch

Today’s effort was CrossFit’s Filthy Fifty workout for the level II’s and a variation for some of the level I’s. I hate to differentiate between levels as it is the effort that is important but in cases like this, expecting everyone to complete this workout is unreasonable. So it was that Shalene and I were the rabbit and set the baseline. The one o’clockers followed with the level I version and then the high water mark was set by Denny as he worked with Chris.

As it has been a while since Janeen and Jared entered a bench mark on the board, I gave them the option of giving Helen a shot, which they did. The it was the trio of Claudia Caleb and Seth attacking the Filthy Fifty. Barb was also by to do the CF warmup as she missed earlier. In addition, Mike R. was in to give the 5000m row his effort.

All in all I am truly impressed by the efforts that were shown today by  EVERYONE Thanks.

T-shirts should be in by next Wednesday or so.

Todays’ numbers:



A blast from the past:


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