Tuesday the 15th


Tuesday the 15th

Thanks to Nicole for handling workouts yesterday in the pm and Denny for the 9:00 today. Yesterday was a duty day and today somebody decided they needed a meeting and required my attendance. Maybe I'll get a paycheck for being so obliging.

Today's workout was "borrowed" from Melissa Byers at CrossFit 603. I modified it a bit which worked out for some but not so well for others. Oh well, live and learn. I will post a video of everyones' life we touched today once I have edited it.

Tomorrow is a 12:00 workout and please remember, adults or kid's program if no one is signed up there is a good chance I won't be there for class time. But as Marcus was wondering who does the lawns? well, that would be me when I have the opportunity.

Nicole, I'm sorry for your loss.

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