Tuesday June 7th


Tuesday June 7th

Welcome Sheila! She started the on-ramp yesterday morning with the assessment (the way all on-rampers start now). The assessment which several new and established members have now completed, gives me a good idea of people's strengths and weaknesses, programming information as well as provides members with some input on how to progress.

Stephanie is halfway through her on-ramp sessions and should finish up next week.

Will started his regular classes and will be a 6am regular.

Adrienne S. injured her hand but we are working with her to continue to keep her in top shape for the racing season.

Jarod came with his brother Ian yesterday to taste the Kool Aid. Good work Jarod! Thinking of starting a Kid's class up for the first part of the summer. We would need at least 6 kids to make it happen, so let me know if there's interest.

I have created a member's only blog for information that I want members to see but is not always good for public consumption. Often times this information is not shared with all folks for a number of reasons. This will give us a forum for discussion that is off line so to speak. I will give you the username and password at the gym.

The Business Systems module of my OPT training will be compete this week. Except for physical therapy, the schedule will return to normal next week.

Congrats to Rachael on finishing her marathon in San Diego last week. Marshall was there to take a photo of her 5 miles in which can be seen on the Facebook group.

Congrats to Marshall on getting a workout in at Invictus as well as completing Murph with the folks in San Diego.

2 Responses

  1. Kara

    Luke would be interested in a CrossFit Kids class. He has asked about CrossFit kids several times recently.

  2. Rachael

    Drews is utah for the first half of summer, thanks anyways. She would have loved to been apart of it!