Tuesday June 21st


Tuesday June 21st

Was going to go off and rant on signing up AGAIN on the member's only site but I'll just do it here. Actually I'm not going to rant but once again a simple reminder, if no one is signed up, I have other things to do outside of the gym. For instance, yesterday no one was signed up for 9:00 so I left. 7 people showed up including Rachael so she held class. Today there is no one signed up for 2:30 or 4:30, so I'm leaving at 11:00 and won't be back until the 5:30 class. And just because you call me 20 minutes before class time aint gonna cut it.

Saw another good post on Mark's blog about summer heat and fluid intake. If you don't have him bookmarked, here's his blog link. I don't see much sense in copying it and posting it here, besides I'm sure he digs the traffic.

While cleaning off the desk today I ran across a great article that I printed out of Men's Journal. I realize that the majority of members at CFCV are female but the concepts are exactly the same. There's great tips as well as info that we employ in this gym daily. The bottom line is the importance of strength and what BS the traditionalist gym owners/trainers are feeding people. If you are serious about your goals read the article here. If you can't make the time to read the article maybe you're not so serious about your goals and maybe bosu balls and core work better suit you. This comment is mainly aimed at the few that wonder if what we are doing is legit, those that have experience here already get it but it's a good read none the less.


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  1. Marsh

    Imagine that, Men’s health says we should be strong. Well I am a shitload stronger now than ten months ago. Thanks Ron