Tuesday July 26th


Tuesday July 26th

First of all thanks for all the birthday wishes and hope those of you who made it in enjoyed the burpees!


There are some short and long term schedule changes.

This Wednesday's 4:30 and 5:30 classes will be combined and meet at Reagan Beach in South Lake Tahoe for a paddleboard event at 5:30 -ish. The event is a race that is the last of a Wednesday night series sponsored by South Tahoe Paddelboard. For $30.00 total you will be provided a board, instruction, entry fee to the 2.2 mile race (fun race for the most part) and dinner at the park provided by Lake Taco (Chris says the best food in Tahoe). The ish is because the actual race starts at 6:30 (evening glass off, but you need to get a board and instruction if necessary). The purpose of this event is to have some fun on the waters of Tahoe and learn a new sport for some and offer a little friendly, fun competition at the same time. Please let me know if you paln on going so I can give Chris a heads up!

The other Immediate change as in today is that the 2:30 class is suspended until school starts again.

Long term, the 5:30pm class will change to 6:00pm in the near future. This is to accomodate some new members as well as others that struggle with getting here on time. The August schedule will be out soon and the new time will be reflected.