Tuesday Jan 24th


Tuesday Jan 24th

Lots of good stuff happening at CFCV these days. Chris, George, Carma and Lou are well on their way to completing their on-ramps. The girls are doing an exceptional job with the bootcamps, so much so we are adding a couple more to the schedule.

And, it’s official, Nicole, Carrie, Lilly and Rachael have gotten their notices that they have passed the Level I testing requirements. Carrie and Rachael last month, Lilly and Nicole a week ago. Nicolette is scheduled to take her level I course next month.

The new space is coming right along, thanks to Nicolette and Chris. They spent their Sunday painting the space and it looks great.

Today we christened it with some strong man movements. Here is a little video I made of the 9:00 class:


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