Tuesday December 21st


Tuesday December 21st

Just biding our time until the holiday, performing easy workouts. Today all we did was push presses and back squats with a warm-up of half the barbell complex. Perhaps we'll start doing a little cardio after the new year.

Not much happening, Jim came up with the idea of a CFCV holiday party next Tuesday night. Of course we could use the gym and I'm pretty sure the date works. We might be able to bill it as a post challenge party as well. We also need to collect on the challenge entries that have not paid……

Congrats to Dutch on his American Open performance, I take it he's not completely satisfied but what an awesome job. I think some of us can appreciate to a small degree the heat of competition surrounding an oly meet.

Ran across another great article form a great coach here. Thoughts?

The schedule on the blog has been updated for January. We'll have the girls check it out and then Penny can work her magic.

The on-ramp for January is included in the schedule so check it out. We have 2 commitments with more what I call inquiries. And again, I don't anticipate a February on-ramp.

5 Responses

  1. Carrie McGill

    ‘Easy’ you are FUNNY, and it was cardio!!! My legs are already sore and the day’s not even over yet.

  2. Marsh

    I’m getting tired of the easy stuff. I will be eating Reese’s peanut butter cups at home until things get tough 🙂