Tuesday August 3rd


Tuesday August 3rd

Maybe I'll beat Nicole to her post for today. I hope ya'll don't mind seeing 2 posts on some days as Nicole, Rachael and Carrie may want to post as well as me. Today just might be one of those occasions. I feel compelled to post the results of yesterday's workout:


2010-08-03 06.03.17

A  bunch of us did the same workout at the station today and my times was 8:38 with 205#.

You'll notice that the schedule to the right has been updated and as soon as I get more input from Nicole and Carrie I will post the finalized version. We will not be starting the on-ramp until next week following the friends and family free workouts this Saturday and Sunday. If anyone is interested in the barbell club concept, let's get together Thursday night at 6:30 at the gym and discuss the details. Bring your ideas as I only have a few.

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