Tuesday August 31


Tuesday August 31

Today was about our second favorite movement, wall balls. I liked seeing more folks filtering in especially for the 5:30, to keep Jim company, strong work. Neglected to photograph the board, but will get it done in the am. Suffice to say, good efforts by all and some pretty good movement and numbers as well.

Spent some quality time with a good SUP coach today and learned shit-tons. It was my affirmation that those that coach by Youtube learning alone suck!. I have watched a bunch of videos on proper SUP basics but until you work with an actual coach you can't possibly get it. I guess that's why Dutch, Greg Everett and a host of others continually talk about how important it is to be coached by a real coach.

Tomorrow will be an excellent adventure. My coach from today and a South Tahoe Paddleboard company are teaming up to give those that show up an opportunity to be introduced to SUP with some good equipment and possibly some excellent pointers on how to get started in the sport. I can't make promises for other people but they have committed to me that they'd be there. And if not I've got several boards we can "play" with.

Here's what we got to paddle in today:

Picture 001
Picture 002
That's the Grand Tourino sitting on the beach-I had to take a picture for ya'll

Incidentally, the Google calendar has been updated for September and is as accurate as they ever are!