Tuesday 8/9


Tuesday 8/9

Once again sorry for the delay in posts. Frankly it's hard to be motivated to stay on top of the blog when so many folks are on hiatus. We went from a high of 34 members attending classes in one day to a low of 8 last week. I know people have things going on and I hope that's the extent of it.

We ahve a couple of on ramps going on right now. Rod and Michele just finished their 5th today and Ray started his last night. Ray has two roomates that will be starting in two weeks.

Although not well attended, regular classes have been going well. It is nice to be back in the swing and I finally got do some wods the last couple of days myself.


And it's nice to have Rhonda back and We're glad her husband is OK!

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  1. Marsh

    Hey, You moved my name. Guess I had better start putting up some numbers. Can you program something at which I can beat Jim? Dammit Jim!