Tuesday 5/4


Tuesday 5/4

Early crew doing deadlifts and burpees:

The board tells the story:

It's nice of Denny to pace the workouts for Mark eh?

I hope ya'll listen to the latest Robb Wolf podcast featuring Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig. It sure makes me glad they are coming here and I realize that being midweek kinda sucks for most people but it was the best we can do. For those that need a primer for the challenge or just some basics int he nutrition world this will be great.

I have been fortunate to be included in Dutch's new program that starts next Monday. I will be following his programming for the next 8 weeks. I am sure there will be dividends for CFCV members in the future due to my participation.

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  1. Anna

    Ron, I am so happy and excited that you are doing Dutch,s group coaching thing, I think you and all of US will benefit from it.Good luck!!!!