Tuesday 3/23


Tuesday 3/23

For those of you in the challenge, has this eating style become a lifestyle change? I've heard numerous stories of getting off the path and having some weird reactions because of it. Share if you would in comments.

Robb Wolf's latest podcast is another good one. There are some references to things some of us have discussed that may shed some light. They also mentioned the Whole9/Robb Wolf fish oil calculator which can be accessed here. If you are wondering how much to take it is an easy solution.

We have not firmed up the time slots for June 9th and 10th so if you have input let me know. There are several folks looking at the info/registration page on this blog and several sending me e-mails from the fire dept.

Not sure what's up but classes seem to be thin and some are vacant. Remember if no one is signed up, there may very well not be anyone here to open the door and run class. And by all means if you are no longer interested in being a member of CFCV please drop me a line.

Not sure if we should hold the friends/family free workout on the 4th. It's Easter Sunday and if there's not much interest maybe we should cancel it. Since going to the sectionals to judge this weekend isn't affordable we may reschedule it  for this Sunday. Again if there's interest with this late notice. I will leave it to you to let me know what you think.

Found this a while back thought it was cool:

Food pyramid

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  1. Darlene

    I unfortunately cannot do Saturday classes (or the friends and family) until my 3rd rotation. Darn dayshift!!!
    My personal feelings is that a lot of people will be at church and at home with family on Easter. So it’s probably best to just enjoy the day. Maybe another weekend in April?
    Bikkini season is almost upon us, maybe running some ads in the papers and a coupon or something may be an idea, I know Nyls at NWMA hits this season hard with advertising for his UBC program. He even has an ad in the Parks and Rec catalog. Just a thought though. Im still trying to convince some of my friends to try it!

  2. Stacey

    Sorry to hear you won’t be making it to the sectionals 🙁 I know you were looking forward to that.
    I have had a bad reaction when cheating– I had a chocolate binge recently due to that ol’ ugly stress-monster and while I didn’t actually feel bad while enjoying it (and I did enjoy), the following day I was moody like I USED TO be. And I know longer enjoyed that almost relaxed feeling of hunger you get between meals when your main fuel is protein and fat. Instead I had that gnawing, urgent hunger even though I had returned to eating my happy protein/fat based diet. It took 2-3 days to switch back to the less urgent feeling of hunger between meals. Definitely not worth it. I’ve even gotten that kind of feeling when I’ve eaten the 85% dark chocolate lately. Even that seems to trigger too much of an insulin response or something. Chocolate is really my only weakness of late so that’s all I can relate, but like many other former temptations, that also seems to be falling by the wayside. Yay!
    Melissa Urban had a recent post on her blog about her father quitting smoking after many years and while I was quite inspired by his whole story, my favorite part was how he talked about wanting to be in control of his life and he felt that up to that point the cigarettes had controlled him. So he kind of took an “I’ll show you” attitude to the cigarettes and it finally worked for him. I’m going to try to do that with food– especially chocolate!! Wish me luck!
    Enough therapy 😉 That helped me anyway. Thanks, Ron!

  3. Rachael

    Umm, I hadn’t cheated until this weekend, Saturday I had 2 french fries dipped in Ranch, and on Monday I bought one of those chocolate brownie Cliff bars, Delish! I have NO regrets. I feel fine too. But because there were HECKA ingredients, I know I won’t go over board and eat tons of them. I feel like I definitely CAN control the cravings now. It’s a very POWERFUL feeling to know that you ARE in control of YOU! I am starting to feel the benefits too, stronger, confident, happier, etc… I think if you are PRETTY serious about change than you can do it. It’s hard, I cried, threw tantrums (privately of course, haha), forced myself to go to bed EARLY, etc….ALL worth it though. I really feel like a much a happier person.
    And what I tried to comment earlier was, thank you Ron, this challenged really has changed my life, I’ve learned so much and now I’m hooked to constantly learning more nutritionally. (is this even a word?!?! haha) Anyway, really thanks!
    ps. I’m interested in the Urban thing in June!!

  4. Cindy Quarry

    Thanks for all the great honest stories! I love that at CFCV everyone is just where they are at- no airs put on for anyone- this helps me tremendously! I will be sporadic for a couple of weeks with spring football starting and being out of town a little next week. Pretty soon I will be back with the 9am crew for the summer!